"This is a place where everything has some form of logic to it. A place where everything makes sense. This Logica." --Anonymous

Logica is a settlement/kingdom within TheSkullWolf's universe. It is the home of several of TheSkullWolf's characters, such as Skull the Wolf and Dagger the Bear.


Citizens of Logica are known as Logicans. The population is made up of both mobians and humans alike. The total population is estimated to be close to, if not more than, 3000 Logicans. The average life-span of a Logican is 65-years.



Logica has its own form of currency, the reality coin. It is named after a former Logican princess who died from an illness several years ago. A single reality coin is worth 5 rings. The currency is relatively new, so it has not yet fully been accepted as the permanent currency of Logica.


Many Logicans work as merchants, selling and trading goods to others. Other Logicans work in other fields, notably as guards.


A very small portion of the population serve as princes. These selected few oversee different aspects of Logica, such as the economic aspects or foreign affairs. It is currently unknown how these princes are chosen.


A couple hundred years ago, a man named Sullivan Darrington had founded what would become modern day Logica. He had envisioned a place free of disorder and dislogic. He brought his family and a few friends to this new settlement, and Logica slowly grew.

Today, Logica is still a prospering kingdom. It is now several times larger than it had started off. However, Logica will soon take a turn for the worst, as a corrupt prince will soon begin the dark era.

Notable AreasEdit

  • The Gates - The main way to get in and out of Logica. Guards are often there to check visitors as a security measure. 
  • The Sewers - Guards won't let you in? Then this is your only other option to get into and out of Logica.
  • The Market - This is where several merchants can be found selling things. A great place to go to if you are looking for something to buy.

Notable LawsEdit

  • Anyone entering Logica that is suspected of having some form of supernatural power is to be monitored and escorted by a chosen personnel at all times.
  • Anyone suspected of harming a citizen will face criminal charges and be prosecuted.
  • All outsiders and citizens are to not perform any form of activity that is considered "illogical".