The Energy Species are a group of sub-species of several well known species, such as hedgehogs and wolves. The generic name (Energy) comes from the ability to absorb and manipulate energy from other life forms. This ability can be used by all individuals of any of the sub-species.

Discovery of the Energy Species Edit

As it turns out, Energy Species have been around since the beginning of time. However, up until the recent enhancement of modern technology, the Energy Species were unable to be indentified as being different from the main species, since they have the same appearence as regular individuals of their main species (Energyhogs look like regular hedgehogs).

Now, scientists have discovered the main difference that separates the Energy Species from the other species: Their blood cells. They have learned that these individuals, along with having the typical red-blood cells and white-blood cells, have two special kinds of blood cells: green-blood cells and blue-blood cells. Green-blood cells contain special particals, which scientists still are unable to identify, in them that seem to absorb energy from other life forms. Once a green-blood cell has stored enough energy, it transfers this energy to a blue-blood cell, which stores the energy until the individual uses it. The green-blood cell then is able to absorb more energy, while the blue-blood cell is able to store more energy.

Discovered SpeciesEdit

  • Energyhog
  • Energywolf
  • Energyfox
  • Energybat
  • Energycat

Notable IndividualsEdit